We all know about the Stockholm Syndrome but what is the Stockholm Gym Syndrome? I’ve spend most of my life NOT going to the gym, but to read my Kafka, Duras, Isherwood and so on. I’ve spend thousands of hours in white boxes and black boxes, checking out the contemporary dance, theatre and art scene. I was, and am, a natural size 0f 5,11/180 cm and 123 pounds/56kg which is cool and ok, if your 25. When you hit 30, a little bit of muscle is a good thing to have to stay healthy. And ok, a little bit of vanity is part of it as well.

So all of a sudden, I spend more and more hours at the gym and instead of getting the latest gossip on who is doing who in the art world, I found myself listening to gossip about strangers in the gym, straight men complaining about their girlfriends, gay men dreaming about straight men. Since I don’t hang out with straight men in group, and the straight men I hang out with aren’t the average dudes, these conversations were amazing to hear. And don’t get me started on the gay men trying to pick up the straight garbage manboy. The Stockholm gym culture, The Stockholm Gym Syndrome.

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