I used to go alot to this gym close to my office, actually, it was the gym where I sorta got serious with my workout. They had and have a tendency to play music in the locker room that… screams 1980s foreplay. They have small speakers “I wanna know what love is…” in the showers and in the sauna as well. I’ll write it again; 1980s foreplay music. Where straight bankers “I want you to show meeee”, sales managers and their kinds get naked, shower and sits in the sauna together. “Aaaah woah-oh-ooh”. In each shower there is a small spotlight, giving the naked bodies a dramatic setting, which is… more then weird.

Anyway, I went to my locker and there is one of they guys there, all of a sudden they start playing “Hello” with Lionel Richie. What happens is, this half-naked guys starts to… sing: “I’ve been alone with you inside my mind / And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips a thousand time.” During the second sentance, he starts walking towards the shower. Then it happens, from the other side of the locker room, another straight macho dude walks in and actually continues singing where the first guys left off: “I sometimes see you pass outside my door. / Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” There is sooo much about men then I do not know anything about!

Yes, it was a very Glee moment.