People tend to stick to their own kind, class, whatever. One would think that this would be true to gay men as well. It isn’t. I could probably go on about this topic for quite some time but since I am writing about gym culture, I will focus on that. There are some subgroups of gays in the Stockholm gyms.

1. The Muscle Mary or The Disco Tits (in a NYC context, this would be The Chelsea Marys).

2. The Twinks and Post-twinks (Not a twink, not yet a daddy).

3. The Bankers (and such as. They would like to be Muscle Marys but don’t have the time. Boring but may look good naked and wet)

4. 30+ Culture Fairies (in a NYC context, this would be the Brooklyn Hipsters).

5. The Closet Ones (all age groups)

The Muscle Marys are the most interesting group of them all. They have serious issues with masculinity, they are proud of passing as straight, male gender and masculinity is one and is concidered to be “normal”, they dislike gays who do not pass as straight and they only sleep with each other. If I would be into Muscle Marys, it would be an act of self hatred, since I am very slim and… you know… read other stuff the Stieg Larsson.

Naturally, there are hybrids at the gym but they are rare. At the gym where I hang out the most, there is a Muscle Mary who also got a masters degree in fine arts. He is the only Muscle Mary at my gym who have spoken to me, maybe since he knows my ex-boyfriend or something. I ran into him the other day at the local pizza place and he sat with Belgian Blue Muscle Mary who is most famous at the gym for three things, his big muslces, his vacant look on his face and for laying on his back in the sauna showing off his asshole. I’ve seen him twice a week for one year now and he knows my face. The arty Muscle Mary introduces us, I smile and say my name since I have manners. He reaches out his hand, doesn’t smile and doesn’t really say his name.

The day after, we see each other at the gym, and before I say ‘hi’ to him he actually looks away. I’ve seen him three times since, but I have made no further attemts of saying hi. I was really close the first time to go up to him and say: Manners, boy! But I did not. The Muscle Marys are really the Kevin Costners of the gay community; narcissistic and undeliberatly funny.