Army of Lovers was an iconic super camp group of the late 1980s and 1990s. The first singles released in the late 1980s and their first album Disco Extravaganza (1990) was total queer underground but due to hit singles like Crusified and Obsession from their second album, the band began having commericial success. And the campness just went through the roof. In short, this is NOT what either Mucles Marys or straight men listen to. So imagen my surprice, walking into the room free weight room and see all these men working out to Crusified! It was like the gay porn I always wanted to see!

For some reason, the design I’ve chosen fails to show youtube videos but here are some spotify and youtube links:

My Army of Lovers (single/spotify)

Crucified (single/spotify)

Baby’s Got a Neutron Bomb (first single/youtube)

Obsession (youtube)