It is interesting how gym culture varies from country to country. I noticed that things are a bit different at California Fitness in Bangkok. And yes, they did play One Night In Bangkok, the song from Chess that gave me my first perceptions about the city.

1. Body Pump is supposed to be the same all over the world, not in Bangkok. Sometimes it was the correct music, but wrong choreography, sometimes the other way around.It was very confusing since I do not speak Thai, at all.

2. “Suppasoooo” means “superslow. Four up, and four down.

3. It is good manners to say something about the white cracker working his ass off so the entire class stops, points and laughs at him (me).

4. When I hit the showers in Stockholm, I take my clothes off, take my towel and protein shake and slowly walk there. When I’m done, I usually have the towel round my weist when I walk to my locker, where I drop the towel, make sure that I am dry and then put my clothes on. Nothing special, that is how it is done in Stockholm. Not in Bangkok. When I got naked before going to the shower, everyone starred. Not in a “You’re hot, naked and I wanna do filthy things with you!” but with a “OMG, what is that farang doing?”. I watched and learned. But how the fuck am I supposed to put on a pair of dry briefs under the wet towel? Anyone?

5. Guards in the locker room are not there to protect you from pick pockets, but to make sure that no sexual encounters are made.

6. In Thailand there are really good air condition everywhere. Therefore I was a bit surpriced that they did not have AC in the room where we did the Body Pump. Or maybe it was Bikram Body Pump? Maybe it is the latest thing I have totally missed it?