I have a confession to make. Ten years ago I did try to work out. Inspired by my teenage fascination with ninjas, I joined the Stockholm University Ninpo club. (Yes, I did lie to them, I never went to Stockholm University. I would never. I went to Uppsala University of course.)

I was never any good and in the end I just went there because I had a crush on one of the guys. My only skill was that my face was always blank. Totally blank. So no-one knew when I was about to make an attack. Today, I continued with my program and afterwards one of the guys started to talk to me in the sauna. He asked me if I really was making an effort. Slightly offended I defended myself. He continued and told me that my face was totally blank, almost vacant when I was lifting the weights. Next time I will put on more weight and start making faces and get the adrenalin pumping more, maybe better results?