It was one of those key moments. Moments you know you will remember as long as you live. I’m sitting alone in the sauna after my work out. Two Middle Eastern guys in their mid-20s enter and pays no attention to me.

A: You know, my girlfriend put a finger up my butt yesterday while we were fucking.

B: No way?! Why? Does she think you’re a faggot?

My ears are now turning slowly in their direction, still looking bored though.

A: I asked her to do it. The male G-spot is in the ass, so I had to try it.

B: But, but, but…

A: It doesn’t make you a faggot if your girlfriend is doing it. It was amazing. I came so much harder then usual.

B: But how…

The discussion continued for at least five minutes and I wanted to remember every single word. Then:

A: You should try it.

B: I sure will! Sounds awsome!