For some reason my silverfox doctor and I started to chatt about working out. And it wasn’t in the usual “you need to gain” or “strengthing your core is good way to… whatever” context. I know that if I say that I do spinning, they will say that I don’t need to do that so I just said that I did my free weight program. He then asked me if I did any spinning and before I anwered he said:

Silverfox Doctor: I always thought that spinning was for girls and queens but damn, I was in a mess afterwards.

Usually, I always protest but for some reason I just kept my mouth shut and now afterwards, I’m not happy it. At all.

Speaking of gay sports, here is a clip abour figure skating Johnny Weir by Tha’ts gay. Check it all out, or at least at 1,39 where a guy states that figure skating is all about “masculinity, strength and power” and that Johnny Weir just isn’t… The clip is here.