If you buy a really nice knit, you usually don’t use it at the gym. You use your old favorite t-shirt that you really can’t wear anymore but it’s too precious to throw away. My look at the gym is quite simple; white old school sneakers, black Adidas shorts and t-shirts and vests in white or grey without prints. For the past years, I’ve been obsessed with New York designer Thom Browne. His clothes are amazing and the mix between sportwear and suity stuff is sooo nice. My collection of his stuff was basically one tweed tie I got vintage at Herr Judit.

So last Monday, I watched this clip on youtube where Thom Browne talks about running in the park and that he has been doing so for 25 years. I realises that is out running in his own clothes. Thom Browne is running in Thom Browne. And I felt like I was working out in shit. So I went to NK and got Thom Browne sweatpants and went through my drawers and found a grey Comme de Garcons vest. I feel so much better now! Working out in style is possible!

Here is the clip where he talkes about jogging.