Gym Buddy J: I love your gym blogg, but I wasn’t mentioned once. Why?

Me: Well, I havn’t updated much since we started working out together.

Gym Buddy J: Wh-h-h-y?

Me: Ok, I promisse, I will write about you.

Gym Buddy: Amazing blogg by the way.

Me: Well thank you.

It was Gym Buddy J who got off body pump and into free weights and the… I’m blushing now… The Swimmers Body Program. Which has a tag line like “Now you can have the V-shaped swimmers body you always wanted. We have now been working out, inspired by the program. Inspired. The program is fascism and unless you are a heiress there is now way you can workout six times a week, eat the way you are supposed to eat etc. From being totally excited, my friend J found a new way to the perfect body, the 300 Sparta workout. I said No, no, no! Until I read about the Acai and the other stuff that you are suppose to eat to get the 300 body. I mean, in a dream world, you just have to take a pill a day to get the body you want but we all know it is not how it is done.

So, back to the Swimmers body program, I said! Four times a week, I take the program of the day, rip off the Swimmers body logo on top of the papers because, yes, I’m embarrest to work out according to a program with such a silly name…