No news about the rules… but I have got an example. Since this summer this guy has been working out together with his friend. I usually see him once a week but his results these past six months tells me that he works out at least three times a week. He and his friend never smiles, almost looks angry, they are very focused, they never say hello to anyone. They do what they came there to do. And that is totally fine.

The other week I was sitting alone in the sauna. He walkes in and says “Hello” in a little shy way. Trying not to look surpriced, I reply with a “Hi” and ad “Is it ok that I put on some more water?” All of a sudden, he looks happy. Not in the gay I-am-sooo-getting-laid-way but as in happy. We talked for 15 minutes about generic things and then we headed for the lockers. I passed him on my way out and I said “Take care” or something. He looked up and this time he looked happy, he almost blushed stuttered: “You t-too…. and Merry Ch-christmas!!!”.

Why this change of attitude? Should I blame his friend? Or the unspoken rules of saying “Hello”?