I sorta knew K when we were in high school. We were never friends back then but met a few times. A few years ago, we met at a bar and now we are working out at the same gym. A few days ago, I met him at the shower just as Garbage Boy and his very gay friend walked by.

K: Do you know them?

Me: You mean Garbage Boy and his gay friend. Well, we say “Hello”, that is it.

K: Oh…

Me: It is not a flirt. Garbage Boy is straight.

K: No!

Me: Yes.

K: No!

Me: Yes, he is the biggest cock teaser at this gym.

K: No!

Me: Yes! Rule nr one, do not question me.

K: I thought he was a gay bimboy.

Me: He is a cock teasing attention whore, with a girlfriend. You can tell by the way his dick looks. It is alway semi-erected in the shower. Gay dudes can never pull that off. Years of being afraid of getting too excited during school has damaged us for good.