According to The Swimmers Body Program, it is important to keep track of your goals. You’re supposed to measure your body in all kinds of way and take pictures of your body to see improvement. Me and Gym Buddy J took a picture when we began but I had to stop, I looked FAT. With a fat percentage of 8,6, there is no way that I am fat. But with the light at the gym by my locker, I totally looked it. No more pics for me…

My goal for the new year was 61,5 kilo which is 134 lb. Well, I didn’t make it, I am currently 60,2 (133 lb). Which is totally fine with me. And I do not look like this anymore. (I am sooo not dissing that guy, I would totally date him!) But I need to set up some new goals for my workout during 2011.

62 kg, 7,5 % fat, workout four times per week.

Which look am I going for? My traditional dream body or a bit more buff?