I never go to SATS Stureplan for the simple reason that I am rarely in that area of Stockholm. For all non-Swedish readers, Stureplan is the financial parts of Stockholm where money is more important then taste. Where the men have the Gordon Gekko haircut and the women wears pink pashminas. And the conversations in the sauna is all about money, money, money. And what money can buy. Breitling watches and champagne they do do not have the decency to actually enjoy.

Gekko wannabe 1: You know, I saw the car and I was like… gotta cash this baby. So I did. 600 000.

Gekko wannabe 2: It was like when I got my son his place. I went up to the broker and said, this is mine. You don’t have to ask anyone else. This. One. Is. Mine.

Gekko wannabe 1: It’s got a fucking radar and everything.

Gekko wannabe 2: Gaggenau, nice view, close to Riche.