Not many decades ago, Stockholm tried to stop gay men from cruising in Humlegården behind the Royal Library. How? By removing the bushes that gay men had been watering for decades. Controlling sexuality through landscape architecture.

A year ago I was in Bangkok (see previous post). I joined California Fitness close to the gay area. They have serious issues with nudity. And in order to make sure that people do not see each other naked, and to make sure that they do not have sex with each other, all the showers are in separate booths with doors. What they did not think of was the the doors could be used as a discreet signaling system! 1. Flirt with someone. 2. Go to a shower booth and make sure that he sees which. 3. Leave a super small gap open, not visible to the guards, but visible for the guy your flirted with.

The interior design that ment to prevent sex actually became a tool for flirting.