There was a time when me and Gym Buddy J could keep track on all the Marys in the gym. We started to give them numbers, Mary 1, Mary 2 und so weiter. Those days are long gone. But on one night before Christmas there were 16 confirmed Marys during one workout session. And a few questionmarks. So we kinda stopped. There is a Perfection List as well, maybe for the future.

  • No 1 aka Arty Mary aka My future husband 1, an artist that I have been introduced to but he doesn’t remember. Too bad. Hot! Hot! Hot!
  • No 2 aka Sour Puss, cute, getting buffed, but looks like a sour puss!
  • No 3 aka The German, never smiles, never talks to anyone. Just looks like a German God.
  • No 4 aka Fashion Lucy, as in trying to be fashion but really is not.
  • No 5 aka “Yourfriend”, ex dancer and very flirty. Very flirty.
  • No 6 aka Rude Muscle Mary, read more about him here.
  • No 7 aka Garbage boy hangaround. The name says it all. Read more about him here.
  • No 9 aka Rude Muscle Mary 2, read more about him here.
  • No 10 aka Green Pants Mary aka My future husband 2. The fabric on his shorts is so thin. So thin.