This is what I saw the other day, through the glass door of the sauna:

Guy in his mid-20s, he is with a friend. While he talked to his friend he kneeled down and directed the stream of water towards his own ass, to clean it. Thoroughly.

The pressure was not high enough to get the cleansing effect he was looking for so he stood up, put more water on, kneeled down and continued to clean his ass.

The water hit his ass so hard that it absolutely splashed down again, onto the floor and up against the generic white tiles on the wall. The water became ass water. Do not get me wrong, I do not mind hygiene. But this was over the top.

Anyway, he exited the shower room and I left the sauna and took a shower. Reaching for my towel, I realized that something was wrong. Very wrong. The lower part of my towel was completely soaked. With ass water. Obviously, I could not use it so I was forced to use the hair dryer. Since I am a friend of the environment, I did not throw the towel away. I did boil it the very same night though.