One of my many guilty pleasures is the move House Bunny. It was Gym Buddy J who forced me to watch around last New Years. In the movie, Shelly played by Anna Faris is giving the girls tricks on how to pick up guys, and it does not include intelligent conversation on the latest book by Elfriede Jelinek. She introduces the her favorite pick up line “Your biceps are huge. Kiss me”.

There is a guest book lying at my gym. In it I found this:

“My New Years resolution is to get big biceps. It will get me girls.” 

So, is big biceps the key to get girls and gay guys? I spoke to a slutty straight hetero gym friend of mine for advice and he confirmed the importance of biceps. Then chest. Then shoulders. Unless you were on a beach. Abs are more important on the beach.

Face it, Shally was on to something; reading Elfriede Jelinek is not getting my dream man. Should I get big biceps or just flatter guys who already have them?

The House Bunny trailer.