There are situations when you really want to out yourself as gay. Most of those situations includes a cute guy. Back in the days you could use lines like “Didn’t we meet at the opera?” or the more known “Are you a friend of Dorothys?”. Clothes can of course be used in order to mark your queerness. For me, the main threat to that strategy is art school hipsters since I can not tell them apart from the queer hipsters I apparently fancy.

So, in the shower at the gym, how do you do it? Looks are the obvious choice, but looks can be misread. In both ways. Towel? Sure, the BUTT Magazine towel will do the trick…

Last week I saw a guy who found the ultimate solution: plastic bags. Water resistant, sorta useful and they can carry a discreet messages. His bag came from an expensive silk shop in Stockholm, and the logo is very 18th century aristocracy. The plastic bag absolutely whispered “fruitcaaaaake” to anyone who listened.