I have a confession to make: I love watching peoples old shameful tattoos. And I do it all the time, especially at the gym. Ey, people are naked there.

There is a hipster in his late 20’s working out at one of the  gyms I go to, with American Apparel outfit and a big tribal on his arm; you can tell that he hates it. And I know that he does since I kinda know the guy. It was done in rural Sweden back in the early 2000’s, shortly before he came to Stockholm and realised that it was a no no.

I am not dissing tribals, it is too easy. It is like dissing Enya. My question is, will sailor tatoos (very 2002), old school japanese stuff (2005), and elaborate writing on your chest (2010) be the next tribal? According to a friend, back in the 90s, tribals were described as “non figurative singel color decorations, that follows the shapes of the body”. Does not sound that bad, does it?