July, 2010

Me: So, what do you do for a living? 

Him: I’m a key account manager for a big firm. 

I really tried to look interested but business guys had never been my cup of tea. But at the time, I did not really care. He was really cute, and his body… responded well to workout.

We had gone from nodding, to talking, to flirting and we were now standing outside the gym. But in the end, nothing happened. He moved south and I did not think of him much.

December 2011

Much later, he resurficed. Facebook suggested that I might know him; Generic Swedish Name. Occupation: Hairdresser.

Hairdresser? Was he not into business…? I checked again. Yes, the guy had been working as a hairdresser since the mid-2000s. Why did he lie? Without any evidence I would suggest… to get laid more. By hiding his “sissy” occupation and replacing it with a slightly more masculine occupation, he would increase his erotic capital in order to… get more sex? It is so sad I could cry.