Me: Nine. 

Gym Buddy J: Ten. 

Me: Really? 

Gym Buddy J: Yes. 

Me: Confirmed? 

Gym Buddy J: He is a confirmed Mary.

Me: Really! How? 

Gym Buddy J: He used to date Sour Puss. 

Me: Eleven and twelve.

This probably sound like Gibberish, and it is supposed to. One of our little pleasures is to count how many gay men we see at the gym. The record was set in Feb 2011 with 17 confirmed fellow homosexualists during one single night at one of the smaller gyms. We have added the “confirmed” part of it since we speculated alot in the beginning. So, was does it take to become a confirmed Mary?

  • Been seen more then once at the gay scene.
  • Spends very little time in the gym area and alot of time in the sauna.
  • Dated a friend of ours.
  • Perfectly shaved jaw line in combination with American Apparel outfit.
  • Stares shamelessly at your dick.
  • Wears Aussiebum undies.
  • Uses opening lines like “I use Dermalogica as well!”
  • Uses the Grindr-app or have a Qruiser profile (incl those claiming to be straight on Qruiser).
  • Wears pants that emphasize ass or dick. (Please note, revealing running pants do not count, they are worn by known heterosexualists.)