Since the early 90’s, I have been very conscious when it comes to the enviroment; I have bought vintage clothes, ecological food, cutting down on airmiles etc. During many hours of spinning, I have wished that the energy that we put into those damn bikes should be used for lightening the gym. My gym has a small recycling station. It provides unhealthy sugar water which are probably not good for the enviroment. (I have suggested eco milk but no…)

The gyms in Stockholm are pretty much the same. Yeah, you can go to the dodgy boxing gym in some cellar, or to SATS/World Class with their non suitable IKEA floors. Or to the more “community based” Friskis & Svettis. But in the end, not much differs. If I was living in Brooklyn, I would sooo go to this eco/hipster/chassid gym! Bamboo floors, kosher juice bar and outdoor workout. Take me there!