In a previous post, I linked to a gay christian gym blog. Here is a quote from that regarding gym fashion:

“Choose clothes by color first, then style. If you are unsure what colors look good on you, go shopping, not to buy, but to find out what looks good on you. Choose colors that accentuate your skin and hair tones, and avoid colors that are similar to your skin and hair tones. For example, if your skin has yellow tones, avoid yellow or green (which has yellow in it) clothing, if you have red hair avoid bright reds, choose more brick or orange reds, choose blue clothes to match your blue eyes, or black clothes to match your black hair. Before I fully liked and accepted myself, I dressed in clothing colors of black, browns, grays, and blues. The clothing you wear may reflects your inner self, or they may be the colors in which you look your best.”

It begins with a discussion on gym fashion (he like all other gay men, he recommends Abercrombie & Fitch), then he moves on to… tuxedos and underwear.

“Or consider boxers; they give you the ability to play with fashion and fun, with plaids, patterns, and even cute animals or cartoon characters.”

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