Being naked is not part of the American lifestyle. One of the things that struck me when I went to a gym in Thailand was that you were never naked, not while you were changing and not in the sauna where everyone wore a towel. The showers were actual booths constructed to prevent nudity and sexual encounters. (Read more about it in a previous post.) They even had nudity guards in Thailand. It was pretty much the same thing in NYC. Except for the guard thing. And the sides of the shower booths were out of thick optically distorting glas which actually enabled people to stare in secrecy.

How to take a shower in seven simple steps

  1. Undress but leave undies and maybe a tank top on.
  2. Grab your towel and new undies and go into the shower and make sure that the shower curtain is fully covering the opening.
  3. Get naked and hang the underwear on a hook inside the shower.
  4. Shower but make sure that the underwear stays dry.
  5. Dry yourself.
  6. Put on the fresh underwear.
  7. Leave the shower.

Needless to say, I decided to do it The Swedish Way.