I am very pro multitasking. It is also a skill of mine. But I kind of choose when and how I mulittask. And which task that goes great together. On my last visit to the gym i decided that I have to go to the sauna, this time the victory would be mine. I thought.

Before entering the gym that day, I asked the person in the reception on what to wear in the sauna and she informed me that a towel was suitable. I told her about the guys who were fully dressed and she explained to me that it quite unusual. So, when in Rome… with a towel round my waist I enter the sauna. The sauna is very petit and next me there is a kind of cute guy and he is starring down at his… iPhone. He brought his iPhone into the sauna. Yes, the guy is not only checking his iPhone, he is on Grindr. For you who is unfamiliar with Grindr, it is a GPS based hook up app for gay men. This guy was multitasking beyond my wildest fantasies.