Many years ago, I dated a guy who, for some reason, liked when we dressed the same. I specifically remember one winter night, I went to his place to pick him up since we were heading for a private party at a friends place. I was dressed in in black boots, blue denim and, a white Fred Perry and thin¬†burgundy braces, pretty much a gay skinhead outfit. He was wearing something else, probably something stylish. He asked me to sit down in the kitchen while he got ready, after a few minutes we were out the door. Halv an hour later, my friend opens the door and we entered the party. We took our jackets off and… yes, we were dressed the same down to the width and color of the braces. The guy I dated looked and me and said “Well, look at that. Isn’t that amazing.”. He started laughing really hard so everyone at the party looked at us. I felt like a total looser. Since then, the whole dressing alike thing makes me wanna hurl.

I am seeing it almost everytime I go to the gym. The female twins. It is not one set of twins. But more a popular concept. In short, two or more girls, dressed EXACTLY the same. Today’s pair were a tight black top, blue running pants and grey sneakers with pink details. The sneakers were not the same brand, but had the same shades of grey and hot pink. The guy I was dating had some sort of twin fetisch thing going on. What is their excuse?