It was such a cliché. Two guys in their early 20s, ignoring the sign saying that they have to take of their shoes due to snow before entering the gym. “We are men. We do as we please.” No, I did not pay attention on where I put my feet. And yes, I did get wet.

Their annoying voices were heard all over the gym and after an hour I fled to the sauna. The quietness, for approximately five minutes.

A: The protein shit was called Brookback raspberry or something, what fucking protein powder is named after a faggot movie? 


Oh dear. Should I call these guys “Straight trash” like I did at the hot dog stand last year? No, not this time. They would kick my tiny ass.


B: The guy only drives that car because it get’s him pussy. 

A: It’s not fucking Porche.

B: He’s getting alot. It’s the car, honestly. 

A: Girls are so easy. 

B: Yeah.

The doucheness. The doucheness.