I had never seen the woman working there before. As usual I handed her my members card and expected things to go as usual; the generic smile and the “Are you taking a class?” line. Not today.

She swiped the card and looked at the screen to check that everthing were in order. All of a sudden, she laughed and said: Maybe you would like to change picture?

There it was, the picture that was taken of me on my first day at the gym. It was raining hard that day and I kind of looked like a wet cat. But my look was flawless; a crisp white RAF shirt and a vintage Vibskovesque knit.

I did not get the time to finish my “Huh?”, she had already put a webcam in my face.

Staff: There you go. Much better. Have a great workout. 

I did not get to see the new picture. The workout did not go that well.