Here is a list of the perfections working out at my usual gym. The definition of perfection? Perfection.

  • German God Perfection – he was also featured in The Mary List. Perfection after all these years.
  • Goatee Perfection – Yes, there is such a thing. Even though I am not keen on that specific facial hair style.
  • Post Twink Perfection – The only one on the list that I actually talk to. Blond guy in his late 20s, which makes him a post twink. Into karate.
  • Artsy Perfection – An up and coming artist who I see rarely these days but yes, yes, yes.
  • Kiwi Perfection – Strawberry blond guy from New Zealand or Australia. I am scared of him.
  • Banker Perfection – Probably a banker or something boring, dresses like a… banker. But wet and naked, yes. Yes. (I am saying yes just like Ernst-Hugo in Danish The Kingdom. From 2.11 in the clip. But do watch it from the beginning.