Alicia Keys Girl on fire is being played at the gym. It is truly a dreadful song. That poor girl is a flame, on fire and walking on fire. All at the same time.

She’s just a girl, and he’s a bottom. 

Wait a minute… Is it in my head or is someone here at the gym singing the drag version called Boy Is A Bottom?

Make him try to top, he’ll cry. / Never even said he’s bi. 

Yes, my friend G appears next to me and I can totally see him in drag… He wispers “I love the drag queen version”.

He got Fleet enemas for days. / 60 minutes in the gym / 45 of that is showering

“He’s a jock” – least he wears one on a date. / Ass pussy sweet and clean / A total top’s total dream. 

It is truly poetry. And it actually tells us alot about the gay gym culture of Stockholm. I love it.