You can express masculinity in so many ways; certain tattoos, jewelry, facial hair, clothes and so on. One can also use walks, looks and voice to make sure that everyone on the room knows that you are the alfa male. Quite a few of these signs are also associated with a time period. The tribal tattoo for instance was considered hip very for a short period of time in the beginning of the 90s, by the early 00’s it was only bank robers and provincial queens who did them.

Yes, some fellow homosexualists are using these signs alot to make sure that they are NOT queens even though they suck dick, it is often a form of internalized homophobia. You will find them on dissing queens, asians, everyone who does not have a sixpack.

By combining two or more signs, ones masculinity increased, some seems to think. Let me introduce you to a guy I have named Alpha Male 1, his signs are:

  • Thick silver chain. I mean thick, but not 80’s hip hop thick.
  • Cherry blossom on top of tribal tattoo. Yes, he has understood that tribals are dead.
  • His name as a tattoo in a gothic font all over his back.
  • Chinese signs tattooed his fore arm.
  • The Swedish symbol of The Three Crowns tattooed on his neck, is he a military guy? Or a racist?
  • “1974” in the style of Salong Betong on his throat.
  • Thumb ring, tribal style.
  • Gym sweats and shaker with Gymgrossisten logo.
  • The way he enters the gym and looks around reminds me of the time I used to work in a high security prison. I am pretty sure that this guy has enemies.

Alpha Male 1 scares the crap out of me.