Yes, I will become quite a contortionist. For oh, so many reasons. That is why I added yoga to my gym rutine. But I do have problems with finding the peace if I do yoga straight after work for instance. And people misbehaving usually do not help.

The class was full but I managed to I placed my yoga mat in the corner, which I prefere. All the regulars place their in a simple pattern so everyone get the space they need but still manage to get everyone in. Then She came in. Placing her mat 15 cm in front of mine. I looked back, there was the wall. I looked to my left and realized that I couldn’t move any closer. I said to my self “Well, well…”. Serenity now.

Then: During the first Downward-facing Dog I saw it. She was wearing the two small keys to her locker attached to a rubberband round her ancle. Everytime she moved, it rang like from a small bell. It was centimeters from my face. It was driving me mad. After two sun salutations I couldn’t stand it anymore so I whispered:

Me: Sorry to bother you, but can you remove the keys from your ankle? 
She: Ehhh, why? 

Did she question me? Yes she did.

Me: Because it makes noices?

She took off the keys and placed them next to her mat, giving me the evil eyes. Like I was the one misbehaving!