Notes from the locker room.

Stupid 1: You know that hot chick at head office?

Stupid 2: Yeah. The one with the…

Stupid 1: Yeah. I’m sending her jokes, I’m joking with her. We have a lot to do with each other due to the new project and I’m always adding some jokes to our e-mails. Like the other day, I wrote: “Can you sort this out before going to Berns.” A joke. But she is alway answering with basic politenesss. She is boing. I am joking and she is like “Thank you for your e-mail, I’ll sort it out.” So I go on. Making more jokes. Not caring that she is not amused.

Stupid 2: Haha, that’s funny. And in you position within the company you can do whatever. You have respect.

Stupid 1: She’s a boing uptight chick. Very inner city kinda girl.

Stupid 2: Yeah. You’re funny.