Let me start off  by quoting the great Jean Genet, from The Thiefs Journal.

“Those whom one of their number called Carolinas paraded to the site of a demolished street urinal. During the 1933 riots, the insurgents tore out one of the dirtiest, but most loved pissoars. It was near the harbor and the barracks, and its sheet-iron had been corroded by the hot urine of thousands of soldiers. When its ultimate death was certified, the Carolinas – not all of, but a solemny chosen delegation – in shawls, mantillas, silk dresses and fitted jackets, went to the site to place a bunch of red rosed tied together with a crape of veil. (…) I accompanied them from a distance. I knew that my place was in their midst, not because I was one of them, but because of their shrill voices, their cries, their extravagant gestures had, it seemed to me, no other aim but to try to pierce the shell of the world’s contempt. The Carolinas were great. They were the Daughters of Shame.”

For many years the bushes and urinals Humlegården by the Royal Library in Stockholm were the epicentrum of gay cruising, as the bushes and urinals of urban cities usually were. It is not mentioned in The History According to Straight Men of course, they were busy listing all the crops that grew there. Gay cruising was considered a problem because homosexuality was a problem. How to solve it? By removing the urinals and cutting down the bushes; controlling sexuality through landscape architecture.

There are other measures that could be made in order to control sexuality. In Thailand, the shower booths were designed to make it harder for people to flirt, hook up or have sex. In Stockholm, they have removed the last two steam sauans of the SATS gyms, in order to make they gays jerk off less there. Did it work? I doubt it.