One of my favorite doings at the gym is tattoo spotting, and I have written a few posts about it. The 90s was all about tattoo tat; tribals and zodiac signs.

The other day I saw it, the only 90s tattoo that I still like; the barcode tattoo. It was located on a guys ass (yes, I took a shower after workout) but it is usually located in the back of the neck. The thin lines next to each other had blurred together so it more looked like a square. But I adore the concept still. It says “I’m just a commodity in a fucked up world.”, 90s irony and political critique at the same time. It is totally dated but it is not ridiculous like many of the dated tattoos are; maybe because it do not connote masculinity, since masculinity is ridiculous. Its message is still valid, now more than ever. I adore it still.

It was not until afterwards I realized that the ass it was attached to was truly perfection.