There are quite a few do’s and don’t’s at the gym but the best thing is that they rarely differs from the outside world. If you are using the projector at the office, you are expected to return it to the same place where you found it. If you using a kettle bell at the gym, you should return it to its rack. It is truly not rocket science.

If you are shaving your balls in the privacy of your own shower there are two rules, use your own razor and clean up after yourself. If you are shaving your balls in the shower at the gym you are expected to… wait… you do NOT shave your balls at the gym. THAT is the rule. And yes, a fellow homosexualist broke that rule the other day.

Not only did he shave his nutsack in the shower showing off his activities, he left the razor to drip dry on the hanger. To be precis, on the exact hanger I used to hang my towel. And yes, it was a bit wet when I fetched it. His razor was not.