Unknown guy: Look at this! 

He pulled up his t-shirt and showed off his massive torso, his eyes fixed downwards. I was facing the mirror when he came up to me from the behind. His hand pointed at a small rash next to his very pink nipple. I hesitated but turned around. Did I know him? Had we spoken before? Why is he showing off his body, dots or no dots.

Unknown guy: Look at this. This is crazy! They won’t go away. I’ve had them for days now. Feel them, so freaky!

He took my hand and was about to place it on the rash on his torso when he looked up and saw my confused face. As he realized that I was not his friend, his face got as red as the rash.

Unknown guy: Fuck. I’m so sorry, man. I thought you were my… fuck. So sorry. 

He left in a hurry and I was left standing there. First confused, then amused.