Unlike my straight friends, I tend to run into guys I have been dating. It is probably because I tend to date guys from a small community of culture oriented queers and we move between a very limited amount of social and culture venues. The gym is almost like a safe space to me, since most of the gays at my gym are more into Lady Gaga than Jean Genet. (Even though many would not admit doing such a thing as listening to Lady Gaga since is not something gym going gay guys do. Being masculine and straight acting is the key to get laid, I have heard.)

M was this handsome man I went on three dates with. It was three non-naked dates and after the third one, no-one texted the other and that was that.

Two years had passed when I ran into him in gym shower today. We were both naked. I was not only naked, but I FELT really naked. We never came to that part of dating, no nude pictures were exchange prior the dates so this was the first time I saw his buffed body. Should I give him a hug? No. No naked hugs, that would not have been appropriate at all.

We talked standing in front of each other, butt naked, trying to pretend that we were dressed. And it was actually a quite a successful attempt and after a few minutes it felt pretty ok. Suddenly M stopped and looked at my body up and down. He asked me my how tall I was and how much I weight. I told him and he said with NO desire what so ever in his voice: “Well distributed kilos.” I went back to the feeling of incredible nakedness. It was probably a compliment but I could not handle it at all and decided to make an exit.