I have always taken pride in looking like a skank at the gym rather than a jock. Skankyness is subversive and connects me to the lovely queens, queers and whores of the world. I ask myself, what would Jean Genet had worn? The shorter shorts the better it is. Showing off nipples as a result of a deep cut tank? Why not, if it suits you. So far so good. Then I found yoga.

Picture it, me in tiny sophisticated white Adidas tennis shorts riding the escalators in Thailand.  An equally tiny, local woman behind me, below me. Her face when she sees my ass area.  Another picture, me in tiny black adidas shorts while doing the downward dog position in yoga. If it is a pretty sight? Ask the person behind me. To be frank, it was a mistake. My shorts I usually wear at yoga were wet which gave me no alternative but to to use my short short shorts I usually wear when I do free weights. I felt naked, and for the first time, not in a good way. Downward dog position. Cobra. Tree on my tippy toes. Waiting for the teacher to introduce skank position, with me as the main inspiration