I rarely see members of the trans community at SATS. It is not because they are not interested in working out, but for the harsh reason of transfobia and cis-normative binary changing rooms.

Efforts are being made by members of Friskis & Svettis (as well as friends of mine) to make the gyms more accessible to people from the trans community which is amazing. Such efforts are not made by SATS, a company known for making the entrances to the female changing room fuchsia and the entrance to the male changing room dark gray. I wrote about that in a previous post. But there are some gyms which has, of course, male and female locker rooms but also lockable showers beside the bigger general shower rooms. Perfect for member of the trans community or other who are not comfortable with showering in public. Unintentional by SATS but still good…

I wrote rarely, not never. Most likely there are members of the trans community who passes by unnoticed, and also because I saw one brave transvestite or transsexual woman working out the other week. She did not pass as a cis woman, and it looked like she did not care.