There are some do’s and do not’s at the gym. And then you have The Deadly Sins, things you do not do no matter what. One example is that you never interrups a person while that person is doing reps; it breaks the concentration and in a worst case scenario someone will get hurt. For real. In the context of spinning, there are a at least five deadly sins.

  1. The instructor should talk as little as possible, the people attending the class should not talk at all.
  2. The instructor should not look at the participants with super horny eyes while shouting “Comme on!” It is distracting.
  3. Do not play modern interpretations of The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Yes, it happened a while ago and it was a version even Nigel Kennedy would despise.
  4. No-one in the room should sing-along. Ever. Especially if you have a mic connected to the PA.
  5. Do not look at the gays in the room and say: “Yeah, you boys like girls in high heals, don’t you?”.