You rarely see hipster moustache at the gym. You see full beards, goatees, the Don Jonson but very rarley the hipster ones. There are a few basic hipster mousaches, the first one is the the small german porn star moustasche (very popular among hipster gays born in the late 80s and early 90s). You can spot a very sleek version of it here.

Then you have the larger, waxed one. Not that popular among gays but I do have some gay friends who can pull it of. In this picture you can see dreamy ginger model Francois Verkerk who is working for Yohij Yamamoto among others pull it off beautifully.

Francois Verkerk

But there is a new hipster moustache in town, and I spotted it at the gym. First, I thought it was an old lover of mine who let his german porn star moustache grow but no. It was a brand new hipster and his signature moustache was a sleek version of… the Nietzsche mustache. I instantly got obsessed, not sexually but on a more profund level. I want to write poems about it, not poems, epic songs that would make Homer look like E. L. James.

Friedrich Nietzsche