There is so much to say on this topic, the list of things not to do with your penis in the sauna could me made long. You shall not clean it, touch it in inappropriate ways when you are not alone, smell it… et cetera, et cetera. But let me take you back, this little scene took place about a year ago. I am not sure why I have not shared this story with you until now but here it goes.

I am alone in the small sauna at the gym, it was post one of those really hard core work out sessions when your mind is somewhere else completely. A man in his late 50s enters,  he sits down in the other end of the sauna. I am facing the stove, he is facing the door/me. I soon forget that I am not alone and my mind wanders for a while. After maybe fifteen minutes the man gets up and as a reflex I look up. He is about to open the door but hesitates, he turns towards me and yes, he is naked. Which is totally fine. What is less fine is what happens next.

He starts to do the helicopter in front of me, his penis is rotating quite close to my face. For those who might not be familiar with the term “helicopter” in this context, let me describe it to you. Usually it is when a person with a penis uses his hand to create movement in the penis in order for it to imitate the rotor blades of a helicopter. It can also be done with a more no-hands-technic. This was a guy who mastered the latter.

I look at him, I raise my left eyebrow which in my case translates to “Really?”. What did he expect me to do? What did he expect to happen? Did he do this to a lot of guys or was I special? He leaves the sauna and the gym in a hurry and leaves me with so many questions. I have not seen him since.