A friend of mine started to date one of The Perfections at my gym, he was truly the ultimate combination between toned muscles and brains (yes, he was a researcher at one of the most prestigious universities of Sweden). I called him Cross Training Perfection. We got introduced at a party last spring and all of a sudden, I ran into him all the time at the gym. He was always super nice and we exchanged a few words every time we met. So far so good. I was impressed with the way he worked out, the way he managed to push himself that extra bit which payed off. If I would have pushed myself that hard, I would break something for sure. I said to myself that I would hate to have a gym buddy like that. 

Last summer, we kept running into each other at the gym and all of a sudden he asked me about to start working out together, that I should join him at cross training. I can not even describe the panic I felt in my petit body, I made up some lame excuse somehow and hoped that I would never run into him again. Of course I did, and every time he asked me the same thing; when are you joining me at cross training? In the end, I run out of excuses and agreed on an outdoor cross training class the Sunday morning after. My heart pounded when I left, I will look like a fool, like a bloody fool!

Sunday morning; grey skies, it was warm and humid. I did not sleep well but I got up early to eat a suitable breakfast for the occasion. Since it was an outdoor class, everyone waited outside the gym rather than inside. It was a full class, but Cross Training Perfection was nowhere to be seen. The person leading the class welcomed everybody and we started to warm up by running towards the park where we would be humiliated. Cross Training Perfection never showed up, I never heard from him and actually, I have not even seen him at the gym since we agreed on doing that class together.