I just came home from having a beer with a guy I met at the gym. We have been going to the same yoga class for a couple of weeks and we live in the same neighborhood  so today after class he said “Wanna grab a beer?”. I accepted the proposal and and we headed to a bar in our neighborhood where we spend the next hours having a really good time.

Oh, I forgot one key aspect, he is straight. Not “straight” as in all the guys I slept with during my years at Alma Mater but actually a straight guy with no intension of shady business. When I started to think about it, I realized that I have been asked out more on non-dates with straight men than actual dates with gay men since I started going to the gym. Do not get me wrong, I get my fair share of smiles and dirty proposals. And guys doing the helicopter, but in the end: a lot of fluttering eyelashes but very few actual dates. I must be doing something wrong.