Once upon a time I was all about heroin chic, this was before Hedi Slimane, this was in the mid-90s when all I wanted was to REALLY understand Kafka, act in a Sarah Kane play and smell of cK One. I did not really understand that I was heroin chic until a guy from Select Model Management approached me in London and told me that I should give them a call since I looked like “An alien on heroin”. I never made that phone call.

I do not have heroic chic as a goal anymore even though I was pretty darn close a few weeks back when I got the stomach flu, and since I started to work out, my goals has been a pic from guyswithiphones. Re-reading the blog i found that in December 2011 I looked like this. And my goal was this. But that is not the point, the point is I need a goal that is not based on looks or how many kilos I can lift, but on some sort of skill. Suggestions?