Once upon a time, I did martial arts. It was at a dojo north of Stockholm and it was really great people training there. I was naturally the smallest guy there and the guy running the class did not want men and women to fight each other so I had do fight the only guy who were at least almost my size. His name was H.

Part of the workout was not only the fighting but also warming up, muscle building exercises where me and H carried each other on the back and so on. Over the months we worked out together, I developed a huge crush on him, watching him naked in shower was just a nightmare. He talked casually while soping himself and I was quite quiet and shy, usually it was the other way around; maybe because this was the only time we spend alone since most guys showered at home.

The style we trained was Bujinkan which has its roots in ninja technics and it is not martial arts for gentlepersons. Any method is ok, the rules are: The are no rules! One day the teacher wanted us to learn something out of the ordinary, no katas, no new kicks but something useful. And by useful, he meant grabbing the testicles or the labia majoras and pull. Hard. I was as usual paired up with H, I looked at him and he smiled back at me. Was I about to touch his private parts? How would my private parts react to his? Would he notice? We began, still I felt like this was a cruel joke. Surely, the teacher did not want us to treat balls and labias badly? So I started to pull his black drop-croach pants instead.

Teacher: Grab H’s balls and pull! 

He meant it. I did it, softly. I looked at H’s face and it showed pain so I let go fast. He was as gentle with me as I was to him. We did not shower together that night.


From the classic movie Sengoku Yaro from 1963.