Chronology, this happened during the Sunday morning of my first and only encounter with cross training which I wrote about in the Non-Adventures With Cross Training Perfection. The time is 11 am and we are practically done, my body aches like never before. We jogged covered in mud from the the outdoor area heading for to the gym in my neighborhood, closer to the shower. And then it happened: We passed a small group of 21-year olds, obviously hangover, obviously getting hangover food from somewhere. I looked at their copy of Rebecca & Fiona version of 90s fashion, they looked at me thinking “Fuck working out, that guy is a sick fuck, a total looser.

For a second, I wanted to shout “I did 90s fashion too, but in the 90s” or “Rebecca and Fiona called and they want their Buffalos back!”. But most of all I wanted to shout: “I was not always like this! THIS IS NOT ME!”