I am a big fan of social lubrication, the things that makes everyday life a little easier. Always stand to the right in the escalator is a good example of this in a space where social lubrication is important. Another space where social lubrication is important: the gym. Examples are : 1) Return the equipment to its rightful place after you are done with them.  2) Do not speak louder than necessary, neither in the gym, loocker room or sauna. 3) Do not interrupt a person who is working out by walking into the person on purpose. You might get fucking hurt. Yes. An older man did that to me last week.

The shortest way between him and the dumbbells were apparently through me. I was working on my shoulders, raising my arms in a steady motion, holding the dumbbell, when he decided to walk into me, getting actually hit by the dumbbell. Not hard since it was a controlled movement rather than a more explosive  one. At first, I was afraid that he was hurt, and that I caused it. Then I realized that he was not and that he did this on purpose to make a point. It is quite unclear what this “point” was more that he was obviously not in the mood of walking an extra two meters to get the dumbbells. He had to walk into me, to interrupt my workout, with a potential risk of getting hurt.

Old Man (in a bitchy voice): Do you mind? 


That was all that came out of my mouth at the time. He later returned, I was in between sets and went through my music player to find some good music. This time he had a new strategy. He leaned forward like Igor below, pretending to be submissive.

Old man: Can I pleeeease use the weights? 

This was obviously beneath me so I kept quiet.